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Core values ----  Healthy sunshine A standard Sincere cooperation Industrious and simple
     Healthy sunshine—— aggressive,Optimistic, open-minded,Healthy sunshine is carrey's energy source to thrive;
 A standard—— According to law and law-abiding. Careful and precise Regulation and order is the institutional guarantee of kerry's innovation and development;
 Sincere cooperation—— Chums.blame Sincere collaboration is carrey career success behavior guide;
 Industrious and simple—— Dry all day long,Hold world with virtue,Industry and simplicity are the foundation of carrey's long life.
vision ----  Leading the global pipeline equipment manufacturing industry
make life ----  To be a reliable supplier of industrial piping support
 Enhance the global competitiveness of China's pipeline equipment manufacturing industry
 Contribute value to the world fluid transportation industry
Quality policy ----   Quality and efficient,Continuous improvement,The customer is supreme,The careful service
The spirit of enterprise ----  Strive for,Sincere humility,Dedicated professional,Development innovation
Service concept ----  Focus on customer needs,Pursue customer satisfaction,Achieve customer value enhancement
Enterprise standards ----  Abide by the contract,Provide excellent service to customers
 The good faith management,Win-win cooperation
 Take care of employees,Let employees realize their self-value
 Robust security,Continue to benefit employees,To give back to society
Staff rule---  Loyal and trustworthy,Have the courage to bear,collaborative,Effective implementation
 Modesty and eagerness to learn,Hand in hand,discipline ,Live and let live