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The talent structure

Our company has 334 employees. : 25 people, engineers, technicians and management personnel, professional and technical personnel more than 110 people. With corporate strategy transformation and upgrading, the business developed rapidly, the demand for talents is growing, we through the way of "internal training and external introduction, training and attracting talents, strengthening the construction of talent team, gradually improve and optimize the talent structure. At present, the company's talent structure has been mainly produced by the production of talent, adjusted to production, sales, international trade, Internet +, e-commerce and other professional talent pay equal attention to the structure.

At present, the age span, professional qualification and education background of talents in various business sectors of the company are healthy and reasonable, and have a core talent team that dares to take on and actively develops.

To serve the company's development and support its business development, we will continue to vigorously recruit and cultivate talents from all aspects, further strengthen the construction of talent team and improve the talent structure.