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After-sales service

Hebei Kerry tubes manufacturing Co, Ltd is a professional maker of pipe fittings and flanges, and owns an independent legal personality and production qualification. Making high-quality pipe fittings and offer satisfied services are our top quality purpose. So, regarding products quality and after sales services for this bid, we make promises like bellow:
1. We will strictly comply with the commercial clauses and engineering factors listed on the bidding documents.
2. We have been awarded as “Following Contracts and Observing Credits” enterprise for 10 consecutive years in Hebei province. All statements listed out, such as qualifications, outstanding achievements, production ability, financial conditions and so on are all reliable and we are ready to be checked and verified by you.
3. We have abundant circulating funds, advanced equipments, strong tech-innovations, developed processing techniques, rich manufacturing experiences. So, we can fully meet with the delivery date and quality demands in the bidding documents. We are warmly welcome your supervision during the production process and will also get everything ready for representatives, both for the job and daily life.
4. Our quotation is a package price, including technical services fee, inspection charges, freight and miscellaneous charges, as well as relative taxations, which will be unchangeable till the contract signing and will also be stable within one year since then. In special cases, for example that there are big changes on material prices, new prices should be reset through bilateral consultations and our supply will not be affected by that.
5. If needed, for our buyers, we can send our technicians to direct installation on site, give trainings to their technician personnel and provide tech data such as drawings and so on. All of the above services are free of charge.
6. Within one year, any quality defects found on our pipe fittings during operations, we will replace with new ones and also bear all the losses due to these defects.
7. Once there is any quality problem during installations or operations, we will dispatch our technicians to give assistance on site within 24 hours after receiving the information from buyer.
8. After shelf life, we can also provide maintenance parts at the manufacturer’s price. Any additions during the construction period, prices will be kept unchangeable during the validity period.